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Psychotherapy and Counselling in Camden and Hackney


If you are seeking low cost psychotherapy or counselling I hope this site may be of use to you.

I offer Core-Process Psychotherapy sessions offered in Camden, Islington and Hackney, in locations close to Central London. I am registered with the UKCP as a psychotherapist in training completing the clinical year of a four year MA at the Karuna Institute, Devon.

As a psychotherapist in training, I offer low cost therapy. In the evenings I work in a centre offering clients Core-Process psychotherapy to support them with finding better mental health and I also work as Independent Chair in Children's Social Work.

Benefits of Therapy

Psychotherapy can support us to explore unexamined areas of our life. It can help us to access emotions and feelings that for one reason or another we don't get in touch with. Being supported by a good psychotherapist whilst we do this work can be healing and transformational. It can help us to find deeper clarity, satisfaction and connection with ourself and others. It can help us to move forward in the face of adversity.

About Me

I am registered with the UKCP as a psychotherapist in training completing the clinical year of a four year MA at the Karuna Institute, Devon. I have also worked in children and families social work for over twelve years.

I have an interest in meditation and have practiced yoga for over 20 years. My approach to therapy is a relational one. That is to say, I am impacted by what you bring and so journey with you, whilst also supporting you with a well held space in which you can explore your issues. The form of psychotherapy I practice is Core-Process Psychotherapy, which includes our feelings in the body in therapy (mindfulness). See the links for more information.

Some Areas I Work With

How can therapy help you with your difficulties? We can explore this together. I have experience of working with a wide range of issues including:

Early Difficulties
Relationship Issues
Self Limiting Patterns
Spiritual Crisis
Spiritual Emergence
Intercultural and Identity Issues

Core-Process Psychotherapy

Core-Process Psychotherapy combines Western psychotherapy with Buddhist wisdom related to present awareness and the mind/body connection. As well as talking therapy, at times we include and enquire into the feelings in our bodies in therapy. This can help in deepening the work and in clarifying issues.


Free initial 40 minute consultations are available close to central London, where we can decide if it feels right for us to work together. Reduced rates are available thereafter.

The therapy rooms I use are located in Camden, Islington and Hackney and are within easy reach of Central London stations. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or to book a consultation.

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