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Why Psychotherapy?. Run1

Why Psychotherapy?

Your Uniqueness

You might feel that life is getting to you - that there is something you are finding it difficult to cope with in life. You might also want to just try therapy out to see how it can help you. You might suspect that it can offer you something and wish to try this for yourself. You also may wish to try a body oriented form of psychotherapy, as by including the body we can develop more depth of understanding about our issues. Whatever your motives, it is likely that your reasons are deeply personal and unique. With the right therapist, therapy can offer a deep appreciation for the deeply personal quality of your life, in which you feel seen and heard and supported in the work.

The Support I Can Offer

In therapy, we create a therapeutic alliance in which I hope you will feel the trust in which to explore your issues in confidence. I offer a supportive space for you to explore your issues and feelings so that you can move forward in a more empowered way.

A Relational Approach

Core-Process psychotherapy is a relational form of therapy. This means I share in your experiences and difficulties in order to support you. It is important that you feel safe and well held in our sessions, so that you can talk about whatever it is that you need to.

Benefits of Core-Process Psychotherapy

When we first meet, you explore what it is you hope to gain from therapy, and we take it from there. In the therapy there is the option to include how you feel in your body in the therapy sessions. This can be helpful in developing a deeper understanding about our issues in therapy. See the section on Core-Process Psychotherapy for more information.

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