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Why Psychotherapy?

It is not always easy to find permission for what you may be feeling. Depression and anxiety, relationship problems, addictions, coping with loss and trauma, self limiting patterns - all these can leave you feeling isolated and alone with nowhere to turn.

A Unique Relationship

Psychotherapy offers a relationship where you can explore what may not feel possible in other relationships. It is a means for self growth, empowerment and finding increased happiness.

The Right Support

A good therapist will point out areas where you are stuck, help you to deepen in your work and support you in reclaiming parts of yourself you may have denied due to defences from childhood and other difficult experiences.

New Ways of Relating

With skill, a therapist can hold the vulnerable and denied parts of you in the relationship, allowing new ways of relating to your experience to arise that lead you to face your suffering and move forward having healed, with increased understanding and purpose.

Why Explore Suffering?

By exploring your suffering in relationship, you can let go of feelings of shame and repressed feelings that lead you to feel not good enough for life, thereby opening up new energy in your body to create the life you long for. You can also heal your pains and trauma, not only through speaking of your difficulties but in feeling this in your body and so allowing these energies to express themselves and so transform and heal.

See the section on Core Process Psychotherapy for more information.

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