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Core-Process Psychotherapy

Style of Therapy

As a therapist I bring present awareness and a relational approach to my sessions. I see both as central to the work of therapy. This helps me to be grounded and impacted by what you bring. In my own experience this kind of holding is supportive in creating the right kind of safe and integral space for therapy to happen in.

Research: Three Essential Ingredients of Therapy

In order for therapy to work well, recent scientific research has identified three key components. The first is the therapist's ability to remain present with the client's process. The second, is that the client feels safe. The third aspect is that the therapist helps the client to bring feelings and thoughts into the present, so that issues can be worked on. Core-Process Psychotherapy, also known as Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, promotes this kind of way of working in therapy. You can find some research on this here.

What does 'Core-Process 'refer to?

'Core' refers to the fact that our natural state is one of wellbeing, just like when we wake up after a good nights sleep or how a baby may feel naturally well at times. Some adults are not able to access this wellbeing because of their relationship with past experiences that prevent them from feeling the health of just being alive. This is also sometimes called inherent health or goodness.

The term 'process' refers to our own inner ways of relating to each other and to life. It can also help explain what prevents us from feeling naturally well and positive.

Training Institute

Core-Process Psychotherapy is taught at the Karuna Institute, a specialist training centre that has pioneered mindfulness based approaches to psychotherapy since the early 1980s. The centre places an emphasis on both therapeutic and spiritual enquiry. It was the first psychotherapy training in the UK to integrate mindfulness teachings into psychotherapy and is sometimes considered both a body-oriented and transpersonal psychotherapy. You can find out more about this here.

More than anything though, our therapy sessions will focus on what is important to you, and what you want to work on in therapy.

Theoretical Base

CPP is a relational form of therapy in that as therapists, we allow ourselves to be impacted by what the client brings. It has an integrative theoretical basis that includes current ideas on intersubjectivity, neuroscience, psychodynamic theory (object relations), pre and peri-natal psychology, attachment theory and Buddhist and other psycho-spiritual principles of the nature of mind.

UKCP Accredited

CPP sits within the integrative and humanistic school (HIPC) of the UK Council of Psychotherapists UKCP, one of the two largest branches of psychotherapy in the UK. You can find out more about the UKCP here.

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