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Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is an in depth, longer term form of psychotherapy. It is:


The therapist brings a sense of warmth and compassion to the sessions. Safety and authenticity are important. The therapist is impacted by what you bring and journeys with you at every stage of the therapy.

Body Oriented

Safety and attunement to your needs is reinforced by the grounded presence of the therapist through awareness of the body, and a deepening of embodied experience. In CPP there is the option to orientate to the body and work with your arising experience in this way.


CPP draws on different traditions of therapy. This includes Western psychodynamic theories such as analytic theory and attachment theory, and Buddhist understanding relating to the nature of mind.


CPP is considered a transpersonal psychotherapy, where working with the imagination, symbols, use of dreams, archetypes and ancestral work can support your work undertaken in therapy.

Connected to Wellbeing

Helping you to access a renewed sense of wellbeing is central to Core Process Psychotherapy.

The term 'Core' in 'Core Process' refers to a natural state of wellbeing we feel in the present moment and is at the heart of the work I do as a therapist. We experience this in deep sleep. In relationship access to this state can be deeply healing.

Modern Science and Eastern Wisdom

There is increasing crossover between neuroscience and Buddhist thinking in the understanding of human behaviour. Research has shown three elements support good outcomes in therapy: i. The therapist creating a sense of safety in the therapy, ii. The grounded presence of the therapist and iii. Supporting the client to bring their issues into the present moment. For more information see the Links page.

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