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Core-Process Psychotherapy. monks

Core-Process Psychotherapy

Mind and Body

Core-Process Psychotherapy combines traditional depth psychotherapy with Buddhist understanding of the mind-body connection. Sometimes known as mindfulness based psychotherapy, it includes the feelings that arise in the body in the therapy. This form of therapy draws on psychodynamic, integrative and transpersonal influences within psychotherapy as well as practices that develop body awareness.

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The Term 'Core'

Core refers to the inherent sense of health or well being that we orientate to in CPP. Key to this is recognising that people instinctively know what they need in order to feel better, but that certain past experiences get in the way of us connecting to this. Often this arises from childhood experience and can be seen in our self limiting patterns and how we create suffering for ourselves. Given time and understanding in therapy, we can begin to free ourselves from these patterns.

Emphasis on Relationship

CPP is a relational form of therapy. This means it is not cold or distant in it's approach, but one where the I am impacted by what you bring and share in your experiences. You are encouraged to speak about our relationship and how is for you if this is helpful.

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